2012 Conference Presentations

2012 Conference Presentations

The Mid-Continent Regional Science Association is pleased to offer Presentations of our recent conferences. The manuscripts contained in the Proceedings and the presentations are the voluntary contributions of conference participants. In addition to posting the manuscripts on the MCRSA website, all are entered into multiple research exchange networks to enable internet search engines to easily find them.

An Exploration into Recent Input‐Output Multiplier Innovations
Dennis P. Robinson and Tina Tian
(see the companion Proceedings Manuscript)

Measuring University Contributions to Regional Economies: A Discussion of Guidelines for Enhancing Credibility
Dave Swenson
(see the companion Proceedings Manuscript)

The Settlement of San Francisco and the Land Use Changes in the Fan Francisco Bay Area
Nelly Bourlion
(see the companion Proceedings Manuscript)

Economic Multipliers in Local Colorado Economies: The Merits of and Procedures for Including Construction and Local Government Spending in Input‐Output Multipliers
Michael Retzlaff and Lloyd Levy
(see the companion Proceedings Manuscript)

Tourism as a Retention, Expansion and Recruitment Strategy
Bruce Sorte

Using IMPLAN to Estimate the Economic Impact of Land Use Policies: The Case of Boeing
Scott Moore

Economic Impact of the 2009 Miss Arkansas Pageant (MAP) on Garland County
Ranjit Mane and Daniel Rainey

Employment, Income, Revenue and Land Use Impacts of Biofuel Mandates in Pacific Northwest Regions: Incorporating Land Classes into Regional CGE
Olga Livingston, David Anderson, Eric Jessup, Jeremy Sage and JunJie Wu

Minnesota’s Trade Center Hierarchy: Urban Vitality in Greater Minnesota
William Craig and Bruce Schwartau

The Economic Impact of John Carroll University, FY2011
Candi Clouse and Ziona Austrian

Type SAM Employment and Labor Income, Expenditures, GDP and Tourism Capital Investment for Travel and Tourism in Mississippi, FY 2011
Tom Van Hyning and Al Myles