2010 Conference Presentations

2010 Conference Presentations

The Mid-Continent Regional Science Association is pleased to offer Presentations of our recent conferences. The manuscripts contained therein are the voluntary contributions of conference participants. In addition to posting the manuscripts on the MCRSA website, all are entered into multiple research exchange networks to enable internet search engines to easily find them.

Studio Teaching and Interdisciplinary Education: Reflections on Experience
(see the companion manuscript)
Beth Walter Honadle

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: NRCS, RD, and FSA Job Estimation Activities
(see the companion manuscript)
David Buland

Working for California: The Impact of the California State University
(see the companion manuscript)
Elizabeth Johnston

Benefit-Cost, Per-Unit Cost, and Impact Analysis of Potential Water Saved from the Biological Control of Arundo donax along the Rio Grande [River]
Emily K. Seawright, M. Edward Rister, Ronald D. Lacewell, Dean A. McCorkle, Allen W. Sturdivant, John A. Goolsby, and Chenghai YangJune

Business Employment Dynamics: Birth/Death and Age/Survival
Sherry Konigsberg

Low Cost Wind Energy: Comparing Distant Wind Resources to Local Resources
David Hoppock, Dalia Patino Echeverri

The Economic Impact of Farm-to-School Lunch Programs: A Central Minnesota Example
Brigid Tuck, Monica Haynes, Robert King, and Ryan Pesch

Economic Impacts of Green Jobs Development in the Appalachian Region
Kim Jensen, Dayton Lambert, Jamey Menard, Wan Xu, and Burt English