2011 Conference Presentations

2011 Conference Presentations

The Mid-Continent Regional Science Association is pleased to offer Presentations of our recent conferences. The manuscripts contained therein are the voluntary contributions of conference participants. In addition to posting the manuscripts on the MCRSA website, all are entered into multiple research exchange networks to enable internet search engines to easily find them.

Updating and Enhancing IMPLAN’s Econometric Regional Purchase Coefficients
Jennifer Thorvaldson, Doug Olson and Greg Alward 
(see the companion Proceedings Manuscript)

An Analysis of Residential Demand for Electricity in South Region of the United States 
Janaranjana Herath, Tesfa Gebremedhin and Jerald Fletcher 
(see the companion Proceedings Manuscript)

Federal Spending in Mississippi: A Typological Analysis

Albert E. Myles and Albert J. Allen 
(see the companion Proceedings Manuscript)

Louisiana Tech Rural Development Certification Program : Progress and Outcomes
Aaron K. Lusby

A Spatial Analysis of County‐level Obesity Prevalence in Michigan
Keumseok Peter Koh

The Ties That Bind: The US and Canadian Experience 
M.B. Green

Healthcare and the Role of Internet: An Exploratory Study
Biswa Das, Bonnie Bressers and John Leatherman