About M. Jarvin Emerson

Jarvin Emerson was a professor in the Department of Economics at Kansas State University from 1962 until his death in 1996. An early proponent of input-output analysis, he constructed numerous survey-based I-O tables for the state of Kansas. Given his depth of understanding of the state’s economy, he was renowned among Kansas government agencies for the accuracy of his economic forecasting. He served as Chief Economist for the Kansas Office of Economic Analysis.

Jarvin taught regional economics to thousands of students over the years, and led over 30 Ph.D. dissertation committees. His former students have commented on his influence in their lives upon learning of the MCRSA student paper competition honoring his memory. He was author or co-author of more than 80 peer-reviewed research publications.

Jarvin was the founding President of the MCRSA in 1969. He served as Editor or Co-Editor of Regional Science Perspectives, the forerunner of The Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy, since its inception in 1970 until 1987. Jarvin Emerson had a profound impact in MCRSA’s history and we are pleased to remember him. His obituary and a state resolution acknowledging his impact can be found here.