2016 Conference Presentations

The Mid-Continent Regional Science Association is pleased to offer Presentations from our recent conferences. The manuscripts contained in the Proceedings and the presentations are the voluntary contributions of conference participants. In addition to posting the manuscripts on the MCRSA Website, all are entered into multiple research exchange networks to enable Internet search engines to easily find them.

Full PDF of all presentations

The Economic Impact of a Tennessee Milk Plant: A Hybrid Model IMPLAN-Based Analysis
David Hughes, Andrew Griffith, David Nebdaz, Robert Holland and Kevin Ferguson

Richmond, Virginia Community Solar Impact Analysis: Implications for Future State-Level Policy Proposals
Gilbert Michaud

Analysis of Indirect Economic Impacts of Earthquake Scenarios in British Columbia and Quebec
Dan Wei, Adam Rose and Michael Lahr

Do Contribution of Agriculture Procedures Differ Across States? A Survey of Methodological Approaches Used by Economists
Leah English, Jennie Popp and Wayne Miller

An Expanded Look into the Role of Economic Diversity on Unemployment
Jennifer Thorvaldson and Jimmy Squibb